Sunday, August 29, 2010

Choco Mocca Steamed Cupcake

This steamed cupcake is my favorite. When I was a kid, my mom often made this cupcake, sometimes mold into animal shapes, turtle, bear, rabbit, etc.
Now that I've grown up, it's my turn to make the cupcake for my family.
But these ones I made for my friend's sister, not for my fam. Few months ago, I put the picture of this cupcake on my facebook account...she said 'hmm so yummy, want some of those'.
She lives in Bandung, West Java, while I live in Malang, East Java, so I have to wait for somebody to come to Malang if I want to give her the cupcake.
Couple days ago, her brother, who was my schoolmate came to Malang, so I made these cupcakes for her...vanilla, mocca, and choco.
Hopefully she would like it.

PS : I've posted the recipe of this steamed cupcake few months ago. If you want to try, just search for the recipe under the label 'bolu kukus'

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