Monday, August 23, 2010

My daughter's 4th birthday cake

My one and only daughter just turned 4 last august 16th. She wanted to celebrate her birthday at school. So, i made her this cake (dummy cake actually), covered with fondant, and cupcakes for the goodie bags for her friends...too bad i forgot to take the pictures of the cupcakes...i was too busy packing the goodie bags, hehehe.
When she was in nursery (2 and 3 years old) i've offered to celebrate her birthday at school, but she didn't want to, cause she was afraid of the clown, hahaha. She still is, so we skip the 'clown' of the party.
The theme for the cake was tinkerbell, so I chose pink and green, the classic color for tinkerbell. As for the cupcakes, I also used pink and green, with 2D figurines of boy and girl faces.
It was quite tiring to prepare all the needs for the party, but it was worth the smile on my girl's face. Nothing compares to that beautiful smile.....:-))

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