Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wedding Cake.......Rusli and Ella

This is my first wedding project, specially designed for my sister in law.....Ella, and her husband Rusli.
Got the idea for the bottom tier from Wilton yearbook 2010, Ella loved it immediately the minute she saw the picture in the Wilton book. The other 2 tiers, I just made it simple and clean......
The topper was also Wilton product. It was quite hard to find the topper cause I live in small city in Indonesia, I have to buy it in bigger city. But, lucky for me, a friend of mine, who lives in US was going to Indonesia for holiday trip, so I asked her to buy me the topper in US then I paid her here....problem solved. And it was worth the effort, the topper was beautiful, simple, elegant and sooooo romantic.
Happy wedding for Rusli and Ella, hope you guys have a wonderful family.