Monday, August 23, 2010

Blogging in english ?.....I'll try my best

A friend of mine, whom I met when I was taking english courseduring my holiday  in Sydney, Australia, 14 years ago, once send me a message via facebook. I took the course for a whole month (mid june-mid july '96), while Elodie (that's her name) took a year course, as far as I remember. Elodie is from Noumea, New Caledonia. I've lost contact with her since I returned home. Then, facebook is booming. I tried to find her on facebook, it was quite easy cause I still remember her name, and she put her picture on her profile, so I recognised her right away.
She is now living in France, with her husband, and 2 kids (1 son, 1 daughter).
One day, Elodie sent me a message. She said she liked my blog (I forgot the exact word she used), but she had difficulties, since my blog is in Indonesian. She asked me if I wanted to translate my blog into English. That was a good idea indeed, so from now on, I'll try to blog in English.
The problem is, English is my second language, so it'll be a lot harder for me towrite the whole story in English, but I'll try my best, at least for the recipes, I'll write it in English, so more people will understand.
Thx Elodie for your idea.

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