Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tofu nugget

Tofu nugget.....any kind of nuggets are always delicious, according to myself, hehehe.
This one is simple, very easy to make, even for beginner. You can eat it as side dishes dipped in tomato ketchup, chilli sauce, or any sauce you like. Here in Indonesia we even eat it with rice as main course . What don't we eat with rice anyway ??? :-))
Even though we (I mean Indonesians) already ate pizza or bread or potato, that's not enough for us, we'll still look for rice...LOL, but luckily I'm one of few Indonesians that doesn't think that way, otherwise maybe I would get real biiiiggg, cause a lot of rice = a lot of carbohydrate = gaining weight...OMG.
Well, this is the tofu nugget recipe, just in case you want to make it at home (very sorry, I didn't write down the amount of every ingredient, just try to adjust with your taste.


Ingredients :

Chinese tofu (don't use japanese tofu or silken tofu, it's too soft)
Corn, boiled
Carrot, boiled
***you can substitute the corn and carrot with other veggies***
Beef sausage
Spring onion

Spices, ground together :

White pepper

How to make :

1. Put the tofu in a bowl, soften with fork or just use your bare hands (don't forget to wash them first though...:-))
2. Add in the spices and other ingredients, mix well.
3. Make balls from the tofu, deep fry until golden brown, ready to serve.
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